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I used to spend a lot of money on authentic stuff, especially Dior, Chanel, LV

And I used to look down on people who wear fake bags or counterfeit items, until I met and talked in depth with an old friend working in one of the designer factories (I won’t mention the name) and figured out I had been misled by designer brands all my life!

First of all, their materials are dirt cheap. They just tell you stories so that it makes their leather or fabrics seem out of this world where in fact, it’s pretty normal stuff. For e.g. I just found out that the Chanel “Caviar Leather”, deemed to be held only by Chanel and no one else in the world, is in fact just regular CALFSKIN LEATHER!!! OMG, this disgusted me to the max that I have forked out so much cash to purchase the authentic stuff.

And there’s another aspect that I used to believe is that we pay for the brand, and for the designer’s efforts and that is why we support Authentic. But my friend told me, the designers are not that highly paid, just slightly higher than average. So All of the profits go to the owners! I felt so cheated.

So i started looking at replicas, and I tested them from the $50 ones up to the $400–500 ones in authentic grade. I can tell you, there are no magic hands that make authentic more special than fakes.

It’s just a matter of material quality, workmanship, and attention to detail. Surprisingly some of the fakes that i bought were made better than authentic IMO, especially the higher grades like 1:1 or authentic quality.

When I wear fakes or replicas, I just wear them with pride, knowing I didn’t spend unnecessary cash and I can look good while being able to proudly feed my family. As for the designer brand owners, they have enough. There’s no need to support them.

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How do we work?

“Our business specializes in providing customers with a convenient and personalized shopping experience. We offer a wide range of products, presented through catalogs that showcase high-quality images. Customers have the opportunity to browse through these catalogs and select the products they desire. We primarily focus on offering mirror qualities and 1:1 replicas to ensure customer satisfaction.

In addition to offering catalogs of high-quality products, we also accept ISO (In Search Of) requests from customers. This means that customers can provide us with descriptions or pictures of specific products they are looking for.

Upon receiving an ISO request, our dedicated team goes above and beyond to locate the desired products. We leverage our extensive network of suppliers and partners to find the closest match to the customer’s requirements. We then provide the customers with the available options, including images, pricing, and relevant details.

Once customers have made their selections, we provide them with the necessary information, including product images and pricing. To facilitate seamless transactions, we offer multiple payment options. Customers can choose to make their payments through an AliExpress link or via PayPal.

Our goal is to make the shopping process effortless and enjoyable for our customers. We strive to deliver top-notch customer service, ensuring that each transaction is smooth and efficient. By offering a diverse range of products and convenient payment methods, we aim to meet the unique needs and preferences of our valued customers.”


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